What Ever Happened to Rosie Larsen?

We here at Crime HQ were pretty big fans of The Killing, as well as its Danish inspiration, Forbrydelsen. Well, we are fans of all kinds of crime fiction but that is neither here nor there.

We all were frustrated when we were led astray. We were promised a murder solved by the end of the first season, and we were given nothing. It wasn’t until the close of Season 2 that we finally found out what happened to Rosie. But, by then the show had betrayed the sacred trust. So, The Killing was doomed to cancelled TV obscurity. Until now of course.

AMC is currently in talks with Internet streaming-video service, Netflix to bring The Killing back. Netflix has tested the waters with its own content: the somewhat humorous, American mobster hiding out in Norway story Lilyhammer, so the question is will Netflix be able to bring The Killing back, or is it gone for good? Also, what do you think will be the mystery?

UPDATE: We've learned even more about Season 3 of The Killing, including the reason that the cast may look even grimmer (is that possible?) in upcoming episodes.


  1. Ron Hogan

    The problem with reviving The Killing on Netflix is the same problem they’d face reviving it on any television network: Everything that went wrong with the show went wrong because of the executive production team, and unless Veena Sud has had a massive soul-searching experience, you could bring that great cast together again and the show would still wind up hurtling into the same ditches.

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