What the Well-Dressed Target Wears: Bulletproof Bespoke

inside the bulletprooft vest by Garrison BespokeTaking a page from James Bond’s friend Q, the tailors at Garrison Bespoke in Toronto have devised impeccable attire for gentlemen in what we’ll call “high risk businesses”: the bulletproof suit.

The company website explains:

… the patented suit material is a lot thinner and flexible; fifty percent lighter than Kevlar (the material commonly used in bullet-proof gear). The entire suit acts like a shield, with nanotubes in the fabric hardening to block force from penetrating through.

In other words…they’ll never know you’re wearing it.

Potential clients for such an ensemble include those in the diamond business, the oil industry, international finance—anyone who conducts business under conditions or in places in which their security might be in jeopardy. The price for this custom-tailored ensemble is a cool $20,000 and Garrison Bespoke already has a waiting list.

Watch this video to see the style, the clients, and how it holds up against a barrage of 9mm gunfire.

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