What Sleuth Are You?

Odds are, if you’re reading this on our site, then you’ve come across quite a bit of murder (fictional murders, ideally). You’ve read and watched various crime solving sleuths deduce their way through devious deeds, but what would happen if you were the one leading the investigation? What famous sleuth would you channel? Before you buy yourself a new deerstalker, take our quiz and discover which fictional sleuth you’d be most like under pressure.


Let us know what sleuth you are in the comments below!


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    I can die happy! I am MISS MARPLE!!! “No detail gets past you. Even just a casual offhand comment can trigger a tricky crime’s solution. Only with Miss Marple can a murder be a pleasant event…”

  2. Teddy P

    I got Sherlock Holmes!

  3. Adam Wagner

    Guess I better start growing my moustache–I got Poirot!

  4. David Cranmer

    I’m a Sherlock like Teddy.

  5. L

    I’m Sherlock!! But there’s no cocaine. I swear!

  6. Melissa Keith

    Miss Marple. Tea?

  7. Judith Gash

    I’m Sherlock Holmes.

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