What Is Your Favorite Law & Order Series?

Everyone who has ever owned a television would undoubtedly recognize the iconic “DUN DUN” of the Law & Order franchise. With the longevity of the original series, several long-running spin-offs, and an apparent syndication contract with the devil, I’d venture to guess that you can’t turn on the TV without at least one channel running a rerun episode.

And, there’s a reason for that. Borrowing from real-life crimes and headlines, Dick Wolf and the team of writers craft suspenseful stories that feel sincere. It’s tough to run out of material when the world continues to churn out cold-blooded monsters and vicious criminals.

So, with over 1,000 hours of programming spanning almost 26 years, let’s choose our favorite Law & Order series and then grab some snacks and find a good marathon on TV to binge.

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*Congrats to Tad Ottman (tottman) for being the first to succesfully complete the CrimeHClue Puzzle! It was Miss Crimson in the Man Cave with the HDMI Cable.

We had a lot of fun with that, and we hope you all did too. Thanks to everyone that voted and played!

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