What Is Your Favorite B-Movie Horror Classic?

Ahhh, the B movie. Originally coined as the lower half, less publicized film on the bill of a double feature, the B movie has evolved to encompass any film that appears to be particularly genre, low budget, or exploitative in nature. What this genre has produced is a treasure trove of bad special effects, awful dialog, and a level of camp that is unmatched—particularly in horror.

However, for all of the unwatchable films this produced, every now and then, a nugget of pure gold would be forged in the creative minds and over-the-top ideas that had scores of people watching these films over and over and over. All the blood and gore, guns and bad puns, these films remain legendary. 

So, which B-movie horror classic is YOUR favorite? 

Vote below:

Is your favorite not in the list? Head to the comments and let us know what B-movie horror film you can't get enough of!


  1. Sue000

    The Thing (original version) not the 1980s remake

  2. CarolK

    Circus of Horrors (1960)

  3. Himanshu mishra

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