Weren’t We Just Talking About Florida?

If you're keeping track, it was just two days ago that Jennifer Proffitt told us all about the Hampton, the Florida town that might be shut down due to corruption in the police department after hundreds of thousands of dollars stemming from over 12,000 speeding tickets went missing.

Well, it seems as if all of the police in Florida took note, as Za'Dariyah Mishaw, a 2-year-old from Jacksonville was issued a ticket after police observed her in a toy convertible speeding around her condo's parking lot in a reckless fashion.

Although the toddler was cooperative, she still received her first ticket – a $4 fine. In a public act of defiance, Za'Dariyah doodled on the ticket, showing the police who's boss.

Even though the ticket was fake, Za'Dariyah still insists on paying her fine, and as a public information officer told The New York Daily News, “We do a lot of outreach in the community to let kids know the police aren't always bad; this time it was just captured on camera.”

Za'Dariyah's family has had nothing but good things to say about the incident, thanking them for creating a memorable moment. 

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