We’re Interrogating Mark Harmon: What Would You Ask?

Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport in John Sandford’s Certain Prey
Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport in John Sandford’s Certain Prey

As we’ve mentioned more than once (because, hey, we’re serious John Sandford fans and we’re excited), this Sunday night, USA will be airing Certain Prey, starring Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport.

As things have developed, we here at Crime HQ are going to have a chance to talk to Harmon, the new Lucas Davenport and star of NCIS, who is also the executive producer of the film. (Okay, we’re not cool. Squee!!) We have plenty of questions, of course—like how he feels about playing a character whose own creator refers to him as a “sociopath”—but we’d like to get some from you, too!  Our interview is Thursday morning, so tell us… what would you ask?

We’ll do our best to get as many questions answered as we can, and we’ll have the straight dope posted by Thursday afternoon, so be sure to check back!


  1. Leigh Neely

    Maybe Lucas is a sociopath, but I’ve been in love with him for years! I’d like to know why Mark decided to do this film and if there will be others. I’m so excited about this. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Meg Mims

    I wonder how people will “adjust” to seeing Mark as Lucas, when they may have “LeRoy Jethro Gibbs” from NCIS on the brain. Hmm. What does Mark think about that? Quite different characters! 😀

  3. Saundra Peck

    I am too starstruck to think of a good question, but congrats on scoring an interview…I have loved Mark Harmon for decades and I already have this movie set to record so I can watch it many times over!!! Cannot wait for Thurs!!!!

  4. Vicky

    Will Mark still try and do one of these series every year with his busy schedule?

  5. Charlotte

    Does this movie represent the beginning of the end of NCIS or will you continue to be dedicated to playing Gibbs while you also play Lucas Davenport? How often to you anticipate doing Davenport movies?

  6. Terrie Farley Moran

    I am very used to Gibbs wearing dark clothes. In the promo and pics it looks like Davenport is wearing dark clothes, too. Would Mark Harmon consider changing that up a bit? I’d like Davenport to have a different LOOK than Gibbs.

  7. Shirley

    Davenport is a well off, societally approved sociopath (courtesy of his badge). Will you be drawing on any of your experience from playing another well known sociopath (ie, Ted Bundy in THE DELIBERATE STRANGER)?

  8. Anna

    Here’s my question:
    What’s going to happen to Gibbs in NCIS? Anything exciting?
    By the way, I LOVE NCIS and Mark Harmon. . .really I love all the guys on NCIS. . .yes I even like Ari from the beginning. I just don’t like the director.

  9. Clare 2e

    The interview’s posted and we’ve got lots about the adaptation, NCIS, and even the look of the film. Go take a look and listen to our [url=http://www.criminalelement.com/blogs/2011/11/mark-harmon-the-interrogation-er-interview]interrogation-er, interview of Mark Harmon[/url]!

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