Weekends are for Killer Crafts

We know all our readers are law-abiding types. Really. But in case you’re under house arrest and cannot leave the premises and need something to occupy your time, here’s a fabulous idea from Apartment Therapy: A book planter for succulents.

You’ll need a few things, but we suspect you have them around:

• A big, old, book. That tome of your Uncle Larry’s memoirs that gives you an attack of narcolepsy every time you even glance at it would be perfect. This way you can tell him it has pride of place in your living room without lying.

• An exacto knife. We won’t go into why you probably have one of these, but it may have to do with why you’re under house arrest.

• White glue. Stop sniffing it.

• Plastic bag, parchment paper, or that plastic tarp you were planning on using to wrap the body in.

• Plants, soil, moss (see the Apartment Therapy page for details)

If you do try this at home, please send us pictures!


  1. Deborah Lacy

    I must admit this looks cool, but how long can that plastic keep the book dry? I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll try it.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    I suspect that’s why it’s only good for succulents–the soil stays mostly dry.

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