We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

Girl Scout Badge
Badge me, baby!
But Girl Scouts do, and now the Crime Museum in Washington, DC, is offering badges in criminal investigation. How cool is that? According to their website,

The Crime Museum is now offering badge programs for the Girl Scouts’ new 2012 badge requirements! These comprehensive programs go above and beyond the basics and teach Girl Scouts the ins and outs of investigation! Please explore the following badge programs and book your troop today! All the programs include admission to the Museum, so not only will you get a badge, but you will also learn and explore American History from a different perspective.

Badge levels include Detective (basic necessary skills), Special Agent (forensics and criminal psychology) and Truth Seeker (comprehensive investigation).

Hat tip: Mystery Fanfare


  1. Aimee

    My daughter has a Special Agent patch she earned during a Career Night event offered by her service unit last fall.

    They brought in a licensed private investigator, an FBI agent and a bomb disposal specialist amongst other more pedestrian occupations like doctor, dentist, nutritionist.

    The three different patch offerings are differentiated for the age ranges of Girl Scouts (Daisies and Brownies are exempted from such grownup pursuits).

    Detective = Juniors
    Special Agent = Cadettes
    Truth Seeker = Seniors

  2. Clare 2e

    How cool your daughter’s a Special Agent–look out cookie thieves! Heck, look out world! They’ve got badges and boundless energy. . .

  3. Deborah Lacy

    @Aimee – I agree with clare2e it is so cool that your daughter is a Special Agent.

    These badges are great. We would have been all over this when I was a kid.

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