You Know We Appreciate a Good Quirke

On the list of stuff we want to see, let’s put Quirke, a new BBC series based on the novels of John Banville writing as Benjamin Black. Set in the 1950s, the series stars Gabriel Byrne as Quirke (no first name necessary), chief pathologist in the Dublin city morgue. The cast includes Stanley Townsend (you’ve seen him in Zen and Sherlock) and Michael Gambon (yeah, yeah, he’s Dumbledore; but he’ll always be Maigret to us).

The first three episodes are based on the novels Christine Falls, The Silver Swan, and Elegy for April. Will they air in the U.S.? That’s a mystery. Right now, the U.K. air date is still given as “sometime this autumn.” Nevertheless, there’s lots of talk about this series… and now we’re talking about it, too.


  1. Betty Breier

    I’ve read the whole series and I love these books. I sure hope we have the chance to see this in the US.

  2. Leslie Gilbert Elman

    @BLB What do you think about the choice of Gabriel Byrne to play Quirke?

    I think he’s a fantastic actor, but since you’re a fan of the novels I’m wondering if he’s what you picture Quirke to be.

  3. Terrie Farley Moran

    As someone who has also read the Quirke novels I am a fan of Gabriel Byrne and am sure he can do no wrong. He will bring Quirke right off the page.

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