Watching the Detectives in a Pair of Shorts

Ah, the (not very) glamorous lives of private eyes! UK filmmaker Tom Betts has created two cool and tiny flicks. He stars as the toiling P.I. of “Dream Job” while Des Yankson plays shamus “In The Big Sleep.” They're each a couple of minutes long, with a great sparse look and sound. Being this brief, as in flash fiction, their charm lies in deftly implying more than they have room to say. But concerned potential viewers may put their minds at ease: no investigators' hairy kneecaps will be exploited in this pair of shorts.

So, besides reminding you of how much you love the righteous use of vibraphone, what did you think?


  1. Brian Greene

    I like ’em both. Nice feel to both, cool music, and the voice-overs work well. The music, especially in the first clip, puts me in mind of one of my favorite soundtracks: Tindersticks’ music to Nenette et Boni.

  2. Terrie Farley Moran

    I was sooooo hoping for hairy knees!

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