Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary, Strong Island

Netflix’s newest true crime documentary, Strong Island, is less about trying to catch a killer and more about chronicling “the arc of a family across history, geography and tragedy—from the racial segregation of the Jim Crow South to the promise of New York City; from the presumed safety of middle class suburbs to the maelstrom of an unexpected, violent death.”

Directed by Yance Ford, the transgender brother of the deceased, Strong Island deals with race and inequality in America by examining the 1992 murder of William Ford, Jr., a 24-year-old black teacher who was allegedly shot and killed by a white 19-year-old who never faced trial. According to the documentary website:

It is the story of the Ford family: Barbara Dunmore, William Ford and their three children and how their lives were shaped by the enduring shadow of race in America. A deeply intimate and meditative film, Strong Island asks what one can do when the grief of loss is entwined with historical injustice, and how one grapples with the complicity of silence, which can bind a family in an imitation of life, and a nation with a false sense of justice. 

Strong Island premieres on Netflix on September 15, 2017.

Watch the trailer:

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