Watch the Comic-Con Trailer for Season 9 of The Walking Dead

New world. New rules.

Last Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC released the trailer for Season 9 of The Walking Dead, which will be veteran actor Andrew Lincoln’s last season as protagonist Rick Grimes. Confirming the rumor, Lincoln added:

“I love this show, it means everything to me. I love the people that make this show. I am particularly fond of the people that watch this show. This has been the most extraordinary, amazing and beautiful experience of my career, made possible largely by you guys.”

Season 9 will leap forward in time following the war with the Saviors and Rick’s surprising decision to let Negan live at the end of Season 8. Focused on trying to build a more peaceful and civilized society, Rick and the other groups will try to work together to achieve a common goal and live side by side. But there are cracks in the seams, and long-standing relationships will be tested and friendships broken. Check out the trailer below, and don’t forget to tune in to AMC on Sunday, October 7!

Watch the Trailer for Season 9 of The Walking Dead

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