Want to Join a Cult? There’s Kool-Aid!

The cast of the CW network's TV series Cult, about a dangerously popular show within a showWhat do you get when you mix a fanatic fandom for a fictional TV show, Charles Manson, and the disturbingly growing trend in serial killers on network television? Why the new show Cult, of course, which is about a fictional TV show—also called Cult—whose rabid fans may be showing their appreciation by murdering and abducting people. Confused yet?

The show is centered around an investigative journalist who has a brother obsessed with television. Jeff Sefton (Matthew Davis, once-beloved as Alaric from The Vampire Diaries), the journalist in question, gets all the more interested in his brother’s viewing habits when said brother disappears without a trace.

Along with the behind-the-scenes journalist, there’s the in-front-of-the-camera charismatic cult leader, the vaguely Manson-like Billy Grimm, played by “actor Roger Reeves” (the checks from the CW go to actor Robert Knepper). Playing against Billy Grimm on the show-within-the-show is former cult follower-turned-FBI-agent Kelly Collins. This show character is played by “actress Marti Gerritsen” (her family and IMDB know her as Alona Tal). Skye Yarrow (Jessica Lucas) is a backstage research assistant, thank heavens, who’ll end up working with journo Jeff Sefton to find out where the show’s fandom ends and effed-up-ness begins. Clear as mud?

What do you say, are you in for this one, too? Bet there’ll be trading cards!


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