This Is Our Prison!: The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer

As you may know, San Diego Comic-Con was this weekend. While we here at Crime HQ were drunk on ThrillerFest awesome, a whole ’nother kind was going on in California. A ton of news spanning almost every genre came out of Comic-Con and we are still digesting it, but something that just can’t wait is this trailer for The Walking Dead Season 3 (Now with more Daryl greatness!). Please excuse me while I fanboy out for a bit . . .

Ok, I’m better now. As we’ve seen with the introduction of the CDC in Season 1 and the rather . . . extended stay on The Farm in Season 2, the show has deviated from the graphic novel. I, for one, welcome this deviation, because let’s face it, there is no such thing as a 100% pure adapatation of any kind of book. So I can’t help but wonder what’s in store at Woodbury and The Prison.

But enough stalling. Watch it! What do you think about the Daryl/Carol connection on the guard tower? Do you think that Lori is finally going to stop losing Carl? And what about David Morrissey as The Governor? Also, let’s hear it for that special somone at the end, right?

(If you are curious about the origin of this season’s Big Bad, The Governor, be sure and check out this excerpt of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor.)


  1. Denise Bacher

    I am so looking forward to Oct. I have been anxiously awaiting Season 3, since season 2 ended.

    And it’s great they finally bring back Michael Rooker. Such a great actor! I am also hoping we will see Morgan and his son again. I have been curious as to what happened to them.

  2. Christopher Morgan

    You and me both, I thought Meryl made an excellent way of having legitimate evil and bad in the group without driving Shane to crazy town. He was a nice sobering dose of reality in a group of folks that just kept saying “It’ll get better, the Army has a plan”. I’m really curious to see if Meryl is still looking all that bad now that the group has tread down some pretty dark paths. And come on the showdown between him and Daryl is going to be epic.

    I’m pretty excited about this season as well. I was a little let down the first half of last season and was starting to get back into it during that second half. I’m really hoping we see more of Hershel, I’m really enjoying his arc so far.

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