Walking Away from The Walking Dead

It’s over. The time has come once again to rebury our dead and take stock. Or you could celebrate; I suppose it all depends on how you view certain characters. But we all know that AMC’s The Walking Dead has shambled on down the road and won’t be coming back until October. But the question remains, how are you going to be spending the zombie off-season?

Myself? I’ve taken comfort in Telltale Games’s AMAZING five-chapter, choose-your-own-adventure style game, The Walking Dead. I’d do anything for Clementine you hear me?! Ahem. There’s also plenty of zombie literature out there for those so inclined. But what about you? Everyone here at Criminal Element wants to know: what you are going to be doing? Answer in the comments and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of Juggernaut by Adam Baker … you know, just to get you started.*

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  1. Gordon Bingham


  2. Rosemary Harris

    I will probably hang with the Mad Men of the late 60s and The Borgias until World War Z this summer. Bookwise, maybe see if there’s a sequel to Jonathan Maberry’s very good Patient Zero.
    Will not miss Andrea but sorry to see Merle go. I guess he had to..I didn’t see him taking orders from Rick.

  3. Betty Breier

    I’m going to read Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, see WW Z when it comes out, and watch Season 2 of Longmire, which has nothing to do with zombies, of course, but is a great program anyway. Oh yeah, I’ll also catch up with those other undead folks on True Blood.

  4. James P. Pope

    looks cool

  5. L L

    watch re-runs

  6. Natalie Miller

    I DVRed the marathon and plan to watch it all again. Mostly because the whole first season is a blur. I think I might have been drunk.

    Book-wise, some Scalzi, Patient Zero, The Long Earth, a John Dies at the End reread, Hull Zero Three, and others, I’m sure, as I come across them!

  7. Pam Howell

    Mad Men. Although the season opener was a bit of a disappointment to me.

  8. Lori Myers

    My son would love thi book!

  9. Judith Barnes

    Not my usual reading fare, but I’m always up for a new experience. My husband would love it.

  10. Kris Kaminski

    just waiting …breaking bad soon

  11. Becky Hantsbarger

    Waiting and wishing and reading…this?

  12. Kat Emerick

    I can not wait to read this!

  13. mosaix

    I am going to watch up, down, front and back – so zombies beware! Yes!

  14. Deb Mosora

    Would love to read this while soaking up some sun. Finally!

  15. lldavids44

    love love love zombies!

  16. Lisa Davidson

    can’t wait to read this!

  17. Jeff Schroeder

    Currently re-reading WWZ; This looks awesome!

  18. erin f

    Reread WWZ sounds like a great idea… especially before the what looks like an awesome movie version 🙂

  19. Joshua Atkins

    I have a huge pile of books building up that I need to work my way through (from Chuck Wendig, Adam Christopher, Greg Rucka, Jonathan Mayberry, Will Millar, etc etc), but I’d love to add Juggernaut to the list. 🙂

  20. Janet Robinson

    It would be great to win this for our public library, you know!

  21. Karen Arrowood

    Oh, another zombie book – awesome! I would love to add this to my TBR stack. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  22. Karl Stenger

    I would love to read this book

  23. Joanne Mielczarski

    Here come the zombies – yeah!

  24. Walt Buchanan

    Looking forward to World War Z and reading the Walking Dead graphic novel on my new Kindle.

  25. Anna Mills

    Zombies, they never get old. Or do they??

  26. Charles Fraker

    Brraaines…Oh, um, free book! Yay!

  27. Taylor Duncan

    Can’t wait!

  28. Taylor Duncan

    Can’t wait!

  29. Anita Yancey

    Sounds like a very interesting book. I would love a chance to read it. Thanks!

  30. vicki wurgler

    I’ll be reading books

  31. susan beamon

    i have many zombie books to read, including World War Z, which i need to read before the movie comes out, except i think i’m too late for that. i also need to organize my library and my dvds, and rehome my vhs tapes, so time will fly until Walking Dead comes back.

  32. theresa norris

    I’ll have to read about zombies. I really hate it when the zombie season is over on TV over.

  33. Joan Boose

    I haven’t gotten to read any Zombie books….yet 🙂 I’m up for a new kind of thriller! Please and thank you.

  34. Phoenix

    I haven’t heard of this book before, but it looks interesting!

  35. Ellen

    Watch the season of Grim I have tivoed.

  36. Cheryl English

    Sounds like an excellent read.

  37. Carolyn Dileo

    Oh this sounds like such fun!
    Thank you,

  38. Bob Keck

    I’ll be watching ‘face off’ from SyFy so I can improve my zombie look. It’s so frustrating to not know what’s going to trend next season. I’m just not sure about the hemlines.

  39. Anne Marie

    I’m working my way through Roberta Frater’s books. Zombies in a real world setting. Also looking at a couple of anthologys to find new authors. Waiting to get Jonathan Mayberry’s Extinction Machine from the library.

  40. kathy pease

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in 🙂

  41. Daniel Morrell

    sounds like a good one!

  42. cheryl wong

    would love to read this

  43. Jason Nickolay

    I am re reading the entire Walking Dead comic series

  44. runner


  45. Starr Greenwell

    thanks for the give away. have a good day

  46. Michael Lee Smith

    Looks amazing Zombies forever!!!

  47. shannon Baas

    I’d love to read this.

  48. Melinda Jansen

    Looks good!! Missing my zombie-fix!!!


    I will be spending my zombie off- season by volunteering at my church by helping with the yard sale , clean up of storage , and Stamp Out Hunger and watching Netflix.

  50. Vicky Boackle

    i would love to read this.

  51. Kari Flores

    I love Zombie’s! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  52. Melissa Keith

    [b]I’m going to walk around really slow with a blank expression and glassy eyes…..make people wonder…..[/b]

  53. Eddey

    I’ll be reading the Walking Dead Comic books, getting my monthly fix in black & white.

  54. Eddey Gallegos

    I’ll be reading the Walking Dead Comic books, getting my monthly fix in black & white.




  56. Joe Hauser

    Very nice!

  57. edq143

    sounds like a good read

  58. vickie dailey

    excited to read this – sounds like a great book 🙂

  59. Ed Nemmers

    I would love to read the work of Adam Baker!

  60. Debra Kidle

    Looks good!

  61. David Kidle

    This looks interesting!

  62. Brenda Elsner

    sounds like it would be good!!!

  63. Susan Smith

    sounds great

  64. Cassandra Marquez

    this looks awesome! i would love to read this

  65. Tricha Leary

    sounds great

  66. Heather Cowley

    Take classes at the art school, clean the house…anything to keep my mind off the fact that IT’S NOT ON!!!

  67. Tim Moss

    Love The Walking Dead!

  68. Helen Gibbs

    Would love to read this book.

  69. Susan Smoaks

    i really would like to read this book

  70. Timothy Anderson

    probably watch baseball and catch up on reading and wait

  71. Cindi Hoppes

    Our son would enjoy this book a lot…
    Thanks, Cindi

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