He Told Police, “Vote Commander Bunny 2012!”

Reportedly, West Virginia State Police Officer “Bubba” Caldwell said, “never seen nuthin’ like it. The guy was naked, had BUNNY ears on and was running down the road screaming at the top of his lungs, “Vote Commander Bunny 2012” and “I love Commander Bunny, he’s my hero.”

The self-proclaimed Rodent Revolution platform reads: Commander Bunny For PRESIDENT of the United States and Prime Minister of Canada. North America needs a “HARE” transplant!!!

It is possible, given the sketchy nature of this photo on close inspection, that Commander Bunny’s police blotter story is apocryphal. (Also bunnies are lagomorphs, not rodents, and the commander’s a shortwave radio “pirate.”) But let’s not let that ruin a unique and fascinating campaign, huh?


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