Vehicle Revenge Goes Wrong

Jeeps gets stabbed!

They say revenge is sweet. But what about revenge that goes wrong? Would that make it: revenge is sour? Anyway…New Jersey police say a man seeking revenge against the dude dating his ex-girl went to the wrong house and damaged vehicles in the driveway—causing over $10,000 in damages. Damn!

According to, the a family member awoke around 1:15 Sunday morning when he heard “a hissing” sound outside in the driveway. They quickly realized the sound was caused by slashed tires on their Suburban and Ford pickup. They also saw slashed tires and obscenities scratched into the doors of their trusty Jeep. The revenge-fueled culprit even stabbed the Jeep’s roof. This man clearly has no morals! You should never stab someone’s car!

Sadly, there was some collateral damage, too. Two other vehicles belonging to family friends staying over that night also had been damaged.

Thanks to the family’s surveillance cameras they were able to see who did it and they called police. Ajinka Kelkar, 20, was later arrested and charged with trespassing and third-degree criminal mischief.

There has been no report from the ex-girlfriend whether or not she is laughing her ass off.


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