Vacancy Filled in Bates Motel Cast

He’s baaaack...
He’s baaaack…
The last time we saw Norma Bates, she was just skin and bones. I was quite worried about her . . .

Okay, okay, all jokes aside: Bates Motel, the A&E prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic Psycho, has just cast its Norma Bates and it’s Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air and The Departed). The role of Norman Bates is yet to be cast, but with the woman who raised the famous psycho now in the bag, the decision shouldn’t be too far away.

The show—a prequel to Psycho featuring Norman Bates as a young man—is geared up for a 2013 premiere, and has nothing to do with the 1987 TV movie of the same title. The cast promises to be star-studded, and will also have notable names on the production side with Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights) as executive producers.

This news comes on the wings of the first trailer for The Girl, an HBO movie about Hitchcock’s strange obsession with muse and star, Tippi Hedren. The movie, out October 20, stars Sienna Miller as Hedren.

What do you think of all this Hitchcock news, will you tune or decide these ideas are for the birds?

Hat tip: Entertainment Weekly.


  1. Kimberly Roberts

    [color=rgb(128, 0, 128)][b]I watch all the old “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” on Antenna TV, so I am interested to see if this would compare, or even rate?[/b][/color]

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