Uniformed Police Officer Caught Stealing from Walmart

What do you call it when a uniformed police officer steals from a Walmart? Coplifting.

According to 7 News WSVN, Deputy Henry Guzman of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, was arrested for stealing upwards of $200 worth of DVDs and Star Wars action figures from a local Walmart over the course of three days—in full uniform. A 13-year veteran of the department, Guzman was investigated by BSO’s internal affairs before being taken into custody and charged with three counts of misdemeanor petty theft.

Guzman has since been suspended with pay but is expected to be suspended without pay after charges are formally filed.


  1. William

    Dirty Dave “David Kutek” Redford Township Detective usually stole in Detroit from businesses and minorities and did not get prosecuted until he retired and became the Chief of Security at the General Motors Hamtramck Plant. Most of the time cops just add fictional overtime as their main source of theft.

  2. Walmart One

    By this time, Jones had revealed he was a South Bend police officer, and he told a fellow officer who was called to investigate that the situation was a misunderstanding.

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