UK Pop Stars Celebrate Poirot-Era Glam and Mystery

Leona Lewis and DJ Manny Norte / Twitter, Manny Norte
Leona Lewis and DJ Manny Norte / Twitter, Manny Norte
Who says modern pop stars don’t appreciate the classics? Singer Leona Lewis celebrated her 27th birthday at a country house outside London with a posh, 1920s-themed murder mystery weekend, and we’re officially green with jealousy. Joining her were family and friends, including Keisha Buchanan, formerly (to-be-again?) of pop group Sugababes, plus DJ Manny Norte (pictured) who tweeted:

’You know Professor Xavier’s mansion in the X-Men? Yeah well Leona had her birthday party in something like that but probably bigger!

Like Gosford Park-sized? Anyway, read more about this Golden Age Mystery redux at the Daily Mail and see more tweeted pictures of wonderful costumes that would satisfy even Hercule Poirot’s discriminating taste. It looks like a fabulous fete at which to twirl one’s longest pearls, and should her eye turn to staging Evil Under the Sun with striped tents at the feet of the pyramids at Giza, these armchair detectives demand invites!

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