Two Trailers for the Price of One: Skyfall & Jack Reacher

Not only do we get a new trailer for the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall, but we also have a new, slightly more in-depth look at Tom Cruise’s take on Jack Reacher. Giveth and taketh and all that, I suppose.

On one hand, Skyfall is looking like everything I’ve come to want from Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Not only is Bond getting his Walther PPK back, but we get to see him bail out M and smart off to Q, and look really good in a suit while a train falls apart. What more could you honestly want from the man?

Meanwhile, in not-quite-our-Reacher land, we get to see a little bit more about the plot of the film and a little bit of background info as to what a Reacher actually is. While we here at Crime HQ still aren’t sold on Tom Cruise being able to pull off the right attitude, the film looks like a pretty decent action film nonetheless. I’m sure if we squint our eyes and don’t think about Reacher too hard, we will all still have a really good time.

What do you think?


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    Well, I know I’ll be seeing Skyfall the day it comes out. And that’s all I am going to say for the sake of polite society.

  2. MaryC


  3. Mary Saputo

    You know, I have to agree with Christopher when he says if we squint and don’t think about Reacher too hard ……. It looks like a good movie even though I join the masses in saying – once again – Tom Cruise as Reacher? Perhaps we should watch it with the premise in mind of – hopefully, just a good movie and the idea that perhaps with the next one (if there is one), someone better suited to the role will play our Jack. I know whomever they choose to play the role will never satisfy all of us but come on – really? Tom Cruise as Reacher?

  4. Lorraine M. Thompson

    I agree with the previous comments. Tom Cruise is really bad casting for the role of Reacher. What were they thinking?

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