Two Men Create Black Ice to Mask Car Crash

A Sparta, New Jersey man and his friend received a very chilly reception when authorities discovered the duo iced an intersection to cover up an alleged drunk driving accident.

According to The Daily News, Brian Byers was allegedly drunk when he crashed into a guardrail. He was able to drive away and went to his friend, Alexander Zambenedetti, for help. The two men later returned to the scene of the crash with a couple of buckets of water.

Byers allegedly got out and poured the water on the road in an effort to form a sheet of black ice, which he could then blame the crash on, The Daily News reports.

Unfortunately for the men, an officer on patrol spotted Byers walking in the road and Zambenedetti sitting in his vehicle with two big buckets in the back seat. Police say Zambenedetti wasn't wearing a shirt either, despite a wind chill of 15 below zero!

Both men were arrested and are due in court Thursday.


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