Two Great Tastes That Don’t Make a Great Disguise

Reese’s costumed man
Thumbs up for chocolate and peanut butter!
America is a strange place to live. I’m not 100% postitive, but I am pretty sure that in most popular tourist centers in other countries you don’t run across people dressed up as giant candy bars.

So perhaps it’s not so astonishing that the police in Kentucky were recently called to the scene of a burglary where the suspect (in an ironic twist possible only in life, never in fiction, named “Toothman”), was wearing only a pair of boots and layers of peanut butter and chocolate.

Toothman apparently felt sorry for breaking into the store and smearing the tasty treats on the market floor, in the manager’s office and on his person because, in addition to discharging the fire extinguishers, he used a trail of Nyquil to spell out “Sorry” on the floor.

Hat tip The Smoking Gun.

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