The Perception of The Walking Dead and their Major Crimes is In Plain Sight

Mary McDonell
Mary McDonnell /Frederick M. Brown, Getty
In honor of the holiday, almost all our news includes actors named McSomething!

Major Crimes– Of course Mary McDonnell’s all smiles! There’s updated schedule news about Major Crimes, the Captain Sharon Raydor-led spinoff of The Closer. For fans of the gang, it’s all good.  The Closer begins the last 6 episodes of the series on July 9th—and a looong goodbye it’s been, as TNT figured out how to ease us and themselves into it.  August 13th is the day we’ll all have to raise our foil-wrapped Ding Dongs to the belle with the giant purse. But we won’t have long to mourn or to wait for more adventures, because Major Crimes will pick up the slack, premiering immediately after The Closer’s final episode.  It’s said the new show will have a different overall feel, perhaps be more ensemble-driven, but I guess we’ll all know soon enough.  In the meantime, enjoy Fritzy while you may!

We also have updates on upcoming crime show Perception, plus scoop on The Walking Dead finale, as well as an OMG! image from Friday’s In Plain Sight.  But don’t go on if you’re spoiler-sensitive!

Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon with baby Nora on In Plain Sight / USA Network
Adorable baby Nora looks as guarded as momma Mary. A little WITSEC Marshal in the making? / USA Network
In Plain Sight– Is Nora not the cutest baby ever?!  Those cheeks—gah!  So Mary’s a mommy, because she just can’t stand not to be the one protecting those close to her. (In a previous life, did she carry a brandy keg around her neck in the Alps?)

What did you think about how that situation’s working itself out domestically with Mark and Jinx?  And what about Marshall’s close call?  In Plain Sight’s producers promised a satisfying series wrap-up, and so far, seems like they’re delivering big moments.  Do you agree, and what else do you want to see happen?

Eric McCormack in Perception/ TNT, ABC Studios
Eric McCormack in Perception/ TNT, ABC Studios
Perception- Eric McCormack, of Will and Grace, describes his new show for TNT as a sort of Columbo meets A Beautiful Mind. His character, Dr. Daniel Pierce, is a professor and neuroscientist who’s also a high-functioning schizophrenic, suffering auditory and visual hallucinations. Also starring is Rachel Leigh Cook as Kate Moretti, a former student who’s now a Special Agent and the entree by which Pierce ends up consulting with the FBI. Kate’s a personal complication for Pierce, and also the reason he goes off his meds in the first episode, because it’s the unaltered strangeways of his mind that bring insights to difficult investigations.

Take note, fandom!  For you Trekkers, TNG’s LeVar Burton will appear in a recurring role as the university’s dean, and BSG will represent through Jamie Bamber’s recurring role as Professor Michael Hathaway, who provides personal complications, in turn, for Kate Moretti.  Okay, admit it.  You’re in for the guest stars alone! Perception premieres July 9th at 10pm. Oh, get the DVRs warmed up for that night.

The Walking Dead  The Season 2 finale airs tonight! For now, here’s the trailer. 13 survivors, an army of walkers, and ominously—according to the producers—a show that’s on a “good killing spree right now.”

Via E! Online , TWD producer Glen Mazzara says not even pregnant ladies are guaranteed to be safe, and there will be bloodshed and a cliffhanger! You know we’re gonna be talking about this one tomorrow.


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    Nora is an adorable baby, and the set up so far has really pressured Mary into THINKING about her life, much as she seems to resist doing so. What do I want to see?? Mary coming to grips with herself, being not so caustic and in a committed relationship with Marshall. (A girl can dream!)

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