True or Doo?

As the saying goes, truth is often stranger than fiction. The best example I’ve seen is this little quiz from Mental Floss which gives you the opportunity to guess whether a crime story is true or taken from the plot of a Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine episode. Super easy, right?  Well, let’s take one example:

After being named one of five heirs in a millionaire’s will, a man attempted to eliminate the other heirs to take the fortune himself. He was foiled, but it didn’t matter because the fortune ended up being in worthless confederate money.

True or ’Doo?

Take the whole quiz at Mental Floss, then let us know how you did!

image courtesy of Mental Floss

Deborah Lacy is an avid mystery reader who lives in California.


  1. Kim Hammond

    Ok, I am ashamed to say I only scored 80% and I consider myself a Scooby Doo expert. Clearly I need to go back and brush up on my episodes. Great post. Always in the mood for Scooby and the gang.

  2. Trina D.

    Wow, that’s embarrassing. I scored 80%. Not great for my favorite cartoon series.

  3. Deborah Lacy

    @Kim and @Trina – you guys both beat my score….

  4. Christopher Morgan

    I’m sitting pretty at 80% as well. Over thought them I suppose.

  5. Laura K. Curtis

    Whaaaa. I only got 70%. But I admit, I didnt know them all. I guessed that some were true based on the fact that they were so crazy they HAD to be true!

  6. Clare 2e

    70%. I am no good, ashamed, very bad.

  7. Kerry

    Ok, I’m worse than Kim and Trina because I got 80% BUT MY HUSBAND got 90%!

  8. Deborah Lacy

    @Kerry — your husband deserves some Scooby Snacks!

  9. Kuch

    Enjoyable 5 minute escape from work! But alas….no Scooby Snacks for moi 🙁

  10. anne harris

    well now. not sure what this says about me, but i got 100% right.

    guess i know my scoobs!

  11. Deborah Lacy

    @mysandycat – I am impressed. Well done.

  12. Terrie Farley Moran

    I would get a big fat zero if I took the test but I have grandkids who could probably match @mysandycat.

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