True Crime Thursday: Revisiting the Disappearance of Susan Powell in If I Can’t Have You

Normally, a dad taking his two sons camping is not strange, but when it occurs in the middle of a snowstorm on the same night that his wife disappears, strange doesn't even begin to describe it. Susan Powell, a Utah mother, disappeared from her home in December 2009, and the media was instantly drawn to the case, with eyes set firmly upon her husband, Josh. Over the next three years, the case would move from disturbing to downright disgusting, as more and more evidence and suspiscion surrounded Josh. And it only gets worse from there.

You can start If I Can't Have You by Gregg Olson and Rebecca Morris now, by heading over to an excerpt of Chapter 1.


  1. Teddy P

    His smile in that picture is creepy as hell for some reason.

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