True Crime Thursday: Dads Worth Incarcerating AND Celebrating!

Enjoy these handmade sentiments for Father's Day—even if we have weird taste in ties. (We're not completely rotten kids. The posts get nicer as they go, culminating in something true, not-too-criminal, and actually reverent. Thanks, Dads, for being there and being good sports!)

Wealthy Chinese man hires assassins to kill son in video game.

Check the wardrobe on this guy arrested in an undercover sting. Worth a thousand coffee mugs.

This dad shot his son for singing Kenny Chesney.

Old Men Breaking Bad: What happens when your grandpa gets together with a group of his war buddies and decides to go full-on poison cloud…

In 1914, former-president Theodore took his son Kermit into the Amazon on a deadly. doomed expedition described in Roosevelt's Beast by Louis Bayard.

Tony Hays offers the backstory behind perhaps the most famous family feud, the Hatfields and McCoys, and the difficulties of historic research: “Are you kin to that Hays scoundrel that killed my grandpappy?”

Take Dad out to the Ball Game with Deborah Lacy's list of baseball-themed mysteries, many of which incorporate the real history of the game and its players.

A True Confession from William Kent Krueger:

My father died three months ago…. My time with my father at his end and the anxiety he felt as he approached that physical and spiritual transition, which none of us escapes, had me thinking a lot about the issue of what comes next in our existence. And, oddly, a lot of my thinking went back to a movie I first saw when I was about six years old: The Incredible Shrinking Man.


Image via How Pilgrim.


  1. Bruce Arthurs

    “In 1914, Future-president Theodore took his son Kermit into the Amazon”

    *ahem* [b]Former[/b]-President, please. Theodore Roosevelt was President from 1901-1909.

  2. Clare 2e

    Fixed, Bruce! In the words of another famous father: D’OH!

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