True Crime Thursday: Ed Flowers, aka The Teddy Bear

Photo courtesy of The 11th Hour.

To some people, he was known as Ed Flowers, but others knew him as Teddy. Regardless of his moniker, he was a bad man. He robbed banks, escaped prison five times, and took place in shootouts with police. In 2005, after serving a 40-year sentence, he was released from prison, and he's now telling his life story via a serialized feature over at The 11th Hour.

Here's the beginning of Part 1:

By the time I turned 14, I knew what it meant to have money in my pocket. I used to go down on the corner and sell boiled peanuts that my mama would make for me. I’d get a little change, and I’d go buy some more at the farmers market and do it all over again. I enjoyed the freedom it gave me, having my own money to spend. I even helped out some with the bills around our house, pitched in what I could. But just like with most folks, eventually that little scratch wasn’t enough for me. I used to walk down Cherry Street with some buddies and eyeball everyone shopping on the square at Sears and J.C. Penney’s. There was a little old pool hall there called Macon Billiards, and one day I pressed my face up against the glass and looked inside. I could see the men in there, covered in smoke, cracking the rack, and chalking up their hands. The railbirds were watching a game of snooker over on the corner table and there was a green wad of money sitting on a stool beside it. It was the first time I saw a bet, and just watching it from the outside made my heart kick up a notch. I guess I was just born this way.

Check out the rest of Part 1 in its entirety and continue reading until you're caught up. Currently, we've just gotten to Part 7, where we recall the Teddy Bear's Crawford County Jail escape!

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