Trailer: Marvel’s The Defenders

After a subpar season of Iron Fist, Netflix and Marvel look to get back on track when they unite all four of their heroes in the first season of The Defenders. Slotted for an eight-episode, August 18th release, The Defenders sees the return of the blind lawyer and “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen,” Matt Murdock; the “smart-ass detective,” Jessica Jones; the “righteous ex-con,” Luke Cage; and the “kid with the glowing fist,” Danny Rand, as they team up to fight the Hand—which may include a resurrected Elektra and an intimidating but unknown Sigourney Weaver villain. 

In the first official trailer, Stick and Claire seem to be doing the heavy lifting in uniting the group, and we see glimpses of other series’ sidekicks like Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. Plus, another hallway fight! At least Marvel is sticking with what works. 

Watch the trailer:

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