Touch Not the Guinea Pig

Other things you learn: Shaved Guinea Pig = Baby Hippo. Please do not try this at home!
What criminal plot requires an 8-inch long baby hippo? Reading the police blotter can be edifying. You’ll often stumble upon a crime you’d never heard of committed for a reason you can’t imagine. To wit, this item from Arvada, Colorado:

A guinea pig breeder in…Arvada notified policed June 3 that one of her prized animals was missing from a backyard cage. That morning, she heard a car in front of her house slam its door and speed off. She found her guinea pig alive in a plastic bag with its hair shaved off. The woman said she exhibits guinea pigs in pet shows and the people who participate can be “odd,” but she couldn’t think of anyone with a grudge against her.

Who can explain the criminal mind?

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