Tom Cruise As Jack Reacher?!?

I am so menacing!

No way. NO WAY. Yesterday, word was leaked that Tom Cruise is in talks to play Lee Child’s iconic Jack Reacher in a film version of One Shot.

To which we repeat: No way.

Reacher, an ex-military man, is 6’ 5“ and weighs between 220 and 250 pounds.  He has ice-blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He has very little body fat, is exceptionally strong and strong enough to break a man’s neck with one hand.

Tom Cruise, on the other hand, is 5’7” (according to IMDB), nothing close to 200 pounds, and obviously has brown hair and grey-green eyes. Nothing contact lenses and dye can’t help, but the height? The strength? And perhaps most importantly, there is no way Cruise could ever act well enough to muster Reacher’s inherent menace.

Who would you pick to play Reacher?


  1. Elizabeth A White

    Ray Stevenson, hands down. [url=][/url]

  2. Elizabeth K. Mahon

    Neil McDonough should play Jack Reacher. He’s over 6 ft tall, white blond hair and ice blue eyes.

  3. Albert Tucher

    Gerard Butler in the kind of shape he achieved for the role of Leonidas. Or maybe they could even give a new actor his big break.

  4. Terrence McCauley

    I think Josh Holloway from ‘Lost’ could do a good job. I like Tom Cruise, but he’s not good for the role of Jack Reacher.

  5. Robin Bradford

    Max Martini from The Unit. I’ve been trying to think about this for an hour, and that’s who I come up with.

  6. Graham

    How about Aaron Eckhart? He’s got the hair and the eyes, and while he isn’t as thickly built as Reacher he looks pretty rugged.

  7. Laura K. Curtis

    I don’t know who *could* play Reacher, but I do know Cruise *can’t* and shouldn’t even be considered. Ridiculous.

  8. DaisyMae

    [url=]Mark Valley[/url] (who I also think would make a *perfect* Travis McGee). Only 5’10”, but graduated from West Point and served in the military in Desert Storm. He kicks butt in fight scenes and can act. Mostly, he’s got the right look, I think, based on how I picture Reacher.

    Cruise makes me vomit in general, and in particular in this case.

  9. Wendy the Super Librarian

    Gotta say I’m really feeling the Neil McDonough suggestion. My reaction to this casting rumor (after WTFBBQ?!?!) is similiar to the reaction I had when Angelina Jolie attached herself to Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta character. I think Cruise could get the “attitude” and “feel” of the Reacher character down alright – but he’s so far away in looks that it’s just laughable.

  10. Clare 2e

    Some of these suggestions are great! Mark Valley, slightly shorter in stature, is nonetheless great in every other way, and available after the untimely [url=]demise of Human Target[/url]. McDonough, yes!

    My Sentimental Favorite: Blade Runner-era Rutger Hauer.

  11. Rklewis

    Oh god, I think I just lost my lunch. Cruise, as REACHER!?!?!

    No f’n way! Why has my God abandoned me?


    I think Clive Owen would be greatness, actually. He can do an American accent. He’s dark and moody, like Reacher.

  12. Terrie Farley Moran

    D.W. Moffett.

  13. Robert K. Lewis

    If The Rock was a little less LIKE a rock, he might be able to do it.

  14. le0pard13

    I’m with Elizabeth. Ray Stevenson would make an excellent Jack Reacher. Let’s leave Tom Cruise to a Top Gun sequel, not this.

  15. Sherrye Nichols

    No. Not the short one…I just threw up in my mouth.
    Ray Stevenson has physical qualifications , not familiar with his work. McDonough et al just don’t have the physical/personality gravitas for Reacher.
    Tom Selleck’s size is more like it, but he’s not mean enough and sadly is just a bit too old (gahh I hate saying that).
    Max Martini — hhhhmmm. Pretty good choice.

  16. Librarian1

    Ugh! I love Lee Child’s books, but this is one movie that I will never put a penny down to see if Cruise is put in as Reacher. I think that Mark Wahlberg would do ok, but he is not quite the size. What were they thinking though?????

  17. Dotti

    They will but Tom anything to redraft his flagging career, this is such a mistake.
    I was thinking maybe Jason Staitham, he has a curious mix of scary hero he can pull
    off quite well. I don ‘t know if he is tall enough but he certainly exudes ability and
    menace but with a curious tenderness. I love Marc Valley as Travis, can’t think of anyone
    who fits the bill better, who for Meyer?
    Why does the Biz insist on such massive miscasting? I just don’t get it. They wonder why no one wants to shell out $15.00 for a movie and then keep putting out garbage thatcwould shame the movie of the week tripe we saw in the 80’s(sorry, I date myself, you all)

  18. SandyT

    [b][color=rgb(255, 0, 0)]No way……Tom Cruise is not the man for this job. I agree that Gerard Butler (especially after watching 300) would be idea. I’d even go with Clive Owen. Don’t know who the others are that are being considered, but I can’t see Lee Child (such a wonderful writer!) even considering Tom Cruise. Again, NO WAY.[/color][/b]

  19. Kima

    What about Daniel Craig? At 5″10″ he’s not quite Reacher’s height, but he’s definitely got the eyes and the hair. And we know he can do the menacing looks and fight scenes; he’s the best James Bond since Sean Connery.

  20. JG

    Golly — Kima got there just before me! (@19)

    I was going to suggest Craig or Michael Madsen.

    Hair color and eye color are easy enough to change for the movies. Madsen would have to slim down a bit.

  21. JoyB

    Of course my vote to play the role has to go to Alexander Skarsgard. He is absolutely amazing. But if not Alex then anyone except short over-hyped Tom Cruise.

  22. Jay Westbrook

    It’s a bit offbeat, but I think Michael Shanks would be a good pick. He has the right height (6″), hair color, and general build. He does not have a lot of movie experience, but plenty of acting in action roles. He was believable in the few Burn Notice episodes he did as well as his years on Stargate SG-1.

  23. Lois Karlin

    Oh, Daniel Craig. Just the guy.

  24. Megan Frampton

    [url=]Michael Shannon [/url]is huge and menacing–plays the zealot agent on Boardwalk Empire, is a baddie in the upcoming Superman movie.
    (I sat next to him on the subway once, he really is really large and a wee bit scary). He’d have to go blond, but he could be dangerous.

  25. Pacific grrrl

    I think Chris Hemsworth would be great. He’s got the size, the color, and definitely the body. Just go watch THOR….

  26. Claire Knight

    Oh, please please not Tom Cruise for the part of Reacher!!! I am always surprised when actors who don’t fit the look get parts where the character’s appearance is such an integral part of the storyline. I have to laugh because I always picture Mike Holmes from HGTV as my mental image of Jack Reacher!!! Minus the twinkle in his eye! Don’t know who would have the size, the coloring or the attitude to play Jack Reacher.

  27. CarolK

    I didn’t know who but knew it wasn’t Cruise. How is it that the plain folks on this list could come up with oh, so much better choices. I like Craig, but wasn’t certain if he was right as he has recognition in other roles. I love Max Martini but maybe not quite right, voice or something. I likes the looks of Ray Stevenson but would have to watch him before making a final decision. At any rate, someone needs to go back to the drawing board before casting this role.

  28. DMW

    Has anyone given any thought to Liam Neeson?
    Tall, right look, and he can act.

  29. Reacher fan

    Neil McDonough has the looks and the air of menace. I would never believe Tom Cruise as Reacher! What a laugh.

  30. Becky LeJeune

    I loved Max Beesley as Tom in the BBC show Survivors. I could see him getting away with being Reacher — in fact, it’s kind of how I picture Reacher now.

  31. bejaermi

    Cruise…snooze. No way. I have thought about Reacher for a long time and I have no idea who should play him.

  32. Belzeboter

    If it will be Tom Cruise I will stop reading the books. Books live from imagination and an 6’5″ Tom Cruise with 200 pound is ugly. It will be the same likt Day and Knight, where the film was more or less ruined by the length of Cruise. He is a very good actor, but when you know he is smaller then Cameron Diaz and in close shots he looked taller, that didn’t work, neither will it work as Jack Reacher.
    My suggestion would be Ralf Moeller (Hagen in Gladiator). His age, size and weight fits. Also his blue eyes and his apperance.

  33. Tony Paul

    I suggest any of the dwarves from Snow White would do a better job than Tommy.
    How stupid to have him as a 6 foot 5 inch stong guy? I have read all of the books in the series – but will never see any films with that guy as lead.

  34. Robbski

    Ray Stevenson hands down. His Titus Pullo is all the resume he needs for this job. Cruise? Please.

  35. Anthony Hewetson

    It’s getting worse.

    They have Jack Reacher, in evey single novel a model of detachment from material possessions, owning a ‘beloved’ car.

    It is to cry.

  36. Rhonda Sullivan

    I’m feeling Ray Stevenson too.

  37. r

    someone who at least fits the description of the authors character. jeez. lets atleast try to be real about this. tom cruise? he is 50 years old already as well. give the public a break. even in his 30’s, cruise could not pull this off. sad casting. ruined a good book movie.

  38. r

    casting a female would have been better

  39. sfortne

    My vote would be [b]Chris Hemsworth[/b] if he can act dark enough. He certainly has the size, and Hollywood can take care of the rest. Besides, I would buy the ticket just to watch him for an hour.

  40. sfortne

    My vote would be [b]Chris Hemsworth[/b] if he can act dark enough. He certainly has the size, and Hollywood can take care of the rest. Besides, I would buy the ticket just to watch him for an hour.

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