Today’s Terrible News


At CriminalElement, we’re focused on crime stories and crime storytelling, but that doesn’t mean we relish real stories of mass violence. We’re so sorry for the loss of lives and suffering after the mass shooting at The Dark Knight Rises premiere in Colorado.

An event like this is a catastrophe that will require lots of time and hardworking, intelligent, caring people to resolve in whatever way it ever can be. The sadness of innocents dying isn’t diminished, even if we think, someday, we can understand the who and how and why. But when such tragedy and horror become intertwined with a created storyline and characters who are supposed to entertain, it creates another, if much lesser reason for regret.

Here, we consider our most useful, appropriate role is providing a venue where savvy crime fans can escape their cares and decide for themselves what stories they enjoy. But our hearts, like yours, are heavy today.

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