To Hell with Show Trials, Give Us The Puppet’s Court!

The corruption trial of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora is a big deal, but it’s also rich in absurdity. Recognizing that, rather than flashing up a bunch of pastel drawings from the trial, one Cleveland TV station began airing testimony and wiretap transcripts from the courtroom with the visual aid of puppets and started a controversial sensation. offers an article by John Caniglia of the Plain Dealer which has the background of the idea and opposing points of view, but c’mon, you know want to see the puppets in action!

Frankly, we think it’s brilliant, and as long as we don’t have cameras in the courtrooms—and sometimes, even if we do—this is an innovation whose time has come!

And just imagine what this does for the Parma Heights puppet company Natural Bridges Lots of Laughs. And you said I’d never do anything respectable with that Masters in Puppetry, Dad!

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