TNT Mystery Movie Night: Ask the Authors!

We bow to no one in our love of the slightly retro concept of the made-for-TV-movie, and had mentioned how we’re looking forward to TNT inaugurating its Mystery Movie Night with new adaptations of crime novels from 6 authors. With the first installment nigh, we’re going to find out even more!

Here’s the trailer for the overall series, and you’ll see they’ve got some star power, which can also make for a good time.  The first to air on November 29, Scott Turow’s Innocent, stars Bill Pullman, Alfred Molina, and Marcia Gay Harden, among others.  Promising, right?

We confess to being extra-excited, because we’ve been invited to an event on Thursday night with all the authors, including Turow, but also Sandra Brown (Ricochet), Richard North Patterson (Silent Witness), Lisa Gardner (Hide), April Smith (Good Morning, Killer), and Carol and Mary Higgins Clark (Deck the Halls). If you’re keeping score, that’s legally thrilling, amateur sleuthing, romantically suspenseful, and straight up exciting heroes versus villains.

Is there one (or all of these) you’re especially looking forward to seeing? If so, what do you hope and dread about the adaptation? And most importantly— helps us out here!—what would you ask?


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Not a very good selection. The Turow and possibly the Patterson. Gardner, Clark and Brown’s books are too geared to female readers.

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