Time for the Replay: Holiday Horrors

Perhaps you had a wonderful holiday, or perhaps you have a story to beat these, but notable tales of woe emerged when Gawker asked commenters to share their holiday horror stories. In the comments, for prizes!  We’ve carefully curated, and proudly proffer this one, beginning, as kt_scarlett26 explains, this way:

Christmas is a time for joy, happiness, arrests and infidelity. . .

As the mixers ran out, my dad, brothers and ex began taking shots of whatever was left…whiskey, vodka, apple pucker… I passed out in the living room and woke up at about 2am to hear arguing and yelling coming from the kitchen. An intense and animated discussion over whether or not people should be allowed to vote an unlimited amount of times for MLB Allstar Game candidates had erupted between my brothers. . .

If you had a tough holiday, at least one of these is bound to make you feel better by New Year’s Eve!

Image via Night Tap’s 10 Bad Santas.


  1. Saundra Peck

    I DID watch Bad Santa on Christmas Eve, just to be sure I had a couple of really good laughs for the holiday…turns out it was not needed. We had a great Christmas…hope you all did too!!!!

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