Thieves Steal From Make-A-Wish Foundation Office

The scooter
The scooter
It seems that thieves just love stealing San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence’s scooter.

According to SFGate, Pence’s scooter was stolen from the Make-A-Wish Foundation office in San Francisco.  Yes, you read that right—stolen from the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Crime truly has no boundaries!

The thieves also took a bunch of high-end laptops, iPods, and donated gift cards. Do these guys have no sense of decency?!

Unfortunately for Pence, this is something he has gone through before. This same scooter was stolen back in 2014, right outside the Epic Roasthouse near AT&T Park. He eventually got the scooter back and donated it to raise money for Make-A-Wish. This guy cannot catch a break with his scooter.

Fortunately, police have captured 3 men in connection with the robbery, thanks to the surveillance camera footage of the robbery. The scooter was recovered unharmed. Check out the video below of these truly heartless criminals.


  1. Arel 1

    What a bunch of dork-faced no hopers! Took it nice and slow, too, the better to let the cops see just exactly who was stooping so low.

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