Thief Robs Autistic Man’s Birthday Money

Surveillance video from a Connecticut shopping mall captured a truly disgraceful act — someone robbing an autistic man's birthday money.

The despicable robbery happened in broad daylight, around 3:45PM last week. Police say the victim was on his way into a mall when the suspect approached him. It appears the victim pulled out the $100, excited about spending the money he got for his birthday.

That is when the suspect took the money, and began taunting the victim with it. Then it almost looked as though there was a change of heart, but didn't and he kept the money. He was later seen running away.

A short time later the autistic man figured out what happened and started screaming for someone to help him.

Thanks to a video released by the local authorities, the thief was found and arrested. He was later charged with stealing.

Despite everything going on with this story there’s a positive — police in Stamford as well as members of the community have come together and raised over $1800 for the man.

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