The ZINNG: Real-life Lies, Pirates, and Betram’s Hotel

A tip of the stetson to Bill Crider for this list of 10 famous works of fiction based on real crimes. Check his blog for fun ads, pulp covers, music, and if you're dying to understand arcane crime terms like the Thin Mints Melee, or  “testicles with spaghetti threat.”

It's Agatha Christie Week at Mystery Playground, so this Friday's Drink with Read is Kerry Hammond's Blood Orange Gin and Tonic At Bertram's Hotel.

Don't be taaaaarrrrrrdy, ye bilge rats! Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow, September 19th, and here's a hook-handy guide to the high-seas hijinks!

And from TLC, hear the funny story from a homicide detective about how she and her husband, another homicide detective, interrogated their kids about lying!

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