The ZINNG: Lolita and Victor Frankenstein

The Radio Times Festival will be held in London from September 24—27, with highlights including panels featuring actors from both BBC's Endeavor and Sherlock.

Take a look at every single one of the 210 covers that have been used for Vladimir Nabakov's Lolita.

J.E. Irving took home the inaugural Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award on Saturday, August 15, during the Mystery Writers Key West Fest.

Bill Syken explains what elite athletes and master criminals have in common over at The Hit List.

Watch the newest trailer for Victor Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy:

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  1. Geometry Dash Unblocked

    This is a great movie. Love it.

  2. check it out

    Lolita and Victor Frankenstein, two iconic literary characters, both embody the complex nature of human desire and the consequences that arise from their pursuit. Lolita, the enigmatic young girl in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, and Victor Frankenstein, the ambitious scientist in Mary Shelley’s classic tale, share a common thread of obsession, albeit manifested in vastly different contexts. In their respective narratives, the phrase ‘a relentless pursuit of their desires’ aptly encapsulates their relentless quests, which ultimately lead to devastating outcomes, highlighting the inherent dangers of unchecked passions and the profound impact they can have on the lives of those involved.

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