The ZINNG: Litterbook, Convention Prep, and Literary Feasts

Who threw over 600 books in total from his vehicle onto Colorado highways—would you believe it was a bookseller?!

With upcoming conferences, not to mention Halloween, you may want to make one of these cute crime scene headbands as seen on Mystery Playground.

Whether you've been to Bouchercon before or Raleigh's Murder Under the Oaks will be your first, BOLO Books is offering tips and “rules of the road” with a popular four-part series of convention countdown posts.

Homeowners in the Capitol Hill neighborhood are hosting a month of literary-themed “feasts” as fundraisers for area schools. Hmm, we could have hearty roast and pickle soup with The Polish Officer by Alan Furst, or maybe Greek food with Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley. . . then again, perhaps something closer to home with Our Man From Havana by Graham Greene. Here's the menu of 36 dinner parties—you decide!

Feel free to submit items of interest (events, too!) through our e-mail, on Twitter @CrimeHQ or @thezinng, or on our Facebook wall!

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