The X Files to Return? The Truth Is Out There

We've already discussed the upcoming return of Twin Peaks (for which we can't talke all the credit), and now you can (hopefully) add The X-Files to the list of sci-fi rebirths! After appearing with Chris Hardwick on a Nerdist podcast, Gillian Anderson urged fans to join her in urging Fox to bring back the show. Anderson, who co-starred with David Duchovny, urged fans to take to Twitter weilding #XFiles2015.

And then, a few days later, Fox confirmed that early talks had begun with Anderson and Duchovny on the logistical nature of a return. Fox has seen recent success with reboots after last summer's return of 24, and as more and more television viewers migrate away from the arid broadcast networks for the green pastures of cable, it seems foolish for Fox to turn its back on a series with a pre-installed fanbase.


  1. Andrew Beck

    I’d like to see the BBC consider Gillian Anderson to be the next Dr. Who, once Peter Capaldi decides to throw in the towel. Of course, I would not want him to go, but all the Doctors who I have liked have all left after a few years. And its’ time for a female doctor, which may help explain the prophecy about the last transition.

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