Ian McKellen as The Unstung Mr. Holmes

From Magneto, to Gandalf, and now Sherlock Holmes, Sir Ian McKellen continues to tackle one great role after another. Mr. Holmes is adapted from Mitch Cullin's book A Slight Trick of the Mind and finds the 93 year old sleuth retired and passing the time by beekeeping. As reported by Deadline, McKellen did all his own stunts when it came to handling the bees. Starring alongside McKellen are Laura Linney, Holmes's housekeeper, and her son, Milo Parker, a boy protege Holmes seems fond of. The story finds Holmes looking back on his final case, which still remains unsolved.

Are you excited for Mr. Holmes? Have you read A Slight Trick of the Mind? Have you ever been stung?


  1. David Cranmer

    Like McKellan and like the idea of an older Holmes. So, yep, on board.

  2. Drew

    Sign me up, too. I love everything Holmesian written and filmed, except when it doesn’t work (Sherlock Holmes and sci-fi don’t mix), and I thought the novel it’s based on was excellent. I used a quote from Doyle for the epigraph of my novel. Can’t wait for the DVD so I can add to my collection.

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