The Return of the King: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

Last night saw the return of Stephen King to primetime with the premiere of the small screen take on his thriller, Under the Dome. I remember growing up watching Stephen King miniseries, Tommyknockers, The Langoliers, The Stand, Kingdom Hospital, and The Storm of the Century were nightly affairs in the Morgan household growing up. Of course, that would be with my mom, seeing as how my father despised all things that even hinted at horror.

What did you think of Under the Dome? Did it measure up?


  1. nancy black

    It measured up! I read the book and couldn’t wait for the mini series to start. It should be a wild ride throughout.

    I’m simply praying it stays true to the novel..

    I was amazed at last night’s first showing of it. The special effects blew me away. LOVE IT!!

  2. Betty Breier

    I was very impressed with the first episode. Can’t wait for more. However, I did keep asking myself would a cow really look that way when cut in half? Seriously, it was a great beginning.

  3. Karen Terry

    I couldn’t wait to see it. I saw the first half hour, it was good. I missed the 2nd half hour to pickup hubby from work, but saw the whole episode on Loved it.

  4. Christopher Morgan

    I’m eager to see where it goes, it certainly has got my attention. I also can’t help but wonder if King is going to pull off one of his cameos and when, say as a pizza guy maybe?

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