The Creacher Returns: Tom Cruise Filming Jack Reacher Sequel

Never Go back by Lee Child

In not-surprising-in-the-least news, Tom Cruise is set to return as Lee Child's silent but intimidating hero, Jack Reacher in a sequel to 2012's Jack Reacher. This new film is reported to be based upon the newest Reacher thriller, Never Go Back. Irony, of course, being something completely alien to Hollywood execs.  

The newest book has Reacher returning to Virginia to find a friend under arrest, himself a suspect in an assault case, and a child that a woman swears is his. That last bit may be what is driving the rumor that Reacher will have a “smart teen female sidekick” in the film. Despite how you may feel about Cruise as a not so towering, not quite physically intimidating Jack Reacher, it can't be argued that the first film didn't preform at the box office. So the question remains, will you watch?


  1. yvonne plyler

    No, Tom Cruise has spoiled my image of Reacher. I will not watch either movie.

  2. frances

    tom cruise is so wrong as reacher. did not see the first, will not watch this one either!!!!!!!!

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