The Naming of Drugs is a Difficult Matter

Containers of the drug known as Bath Salts
Chris Knight/The Patriot-News/The Associated Press
Or maybe it’s just one of your holiday games. Pharmaceutical companies spend small fortunes testing names of new drugs on panels to see if they sound “trustworthy” and “effective.” But who names street drugs?

By now you may have heard that the horrific Miami “cannibal” case was linked to a new street drug (which is still legal in some states) called, improbably, Bath Salts. Really? I mean, really? Who names these things? Crack, crank, X, smack . . . most of those I get. At least they’re easy to say. But Bath Salts? Especially for an amphetamine drug that makes you aggressive, paranoid, and crazy?


  1. Jennifer Proffitt

    Bath Salts are supposed to relax you, not make you eat people!

  2. Clare 2e

    Calgon, take me away (in handcuffs)!

  3. Mantelli

    This is not exactly a new drug. Missouri has been fighting the “bath salts” fight for at least three years that I know of, and I read national news stories about it at least that long ago.

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