The Mysterious Case of the Extra-Marital Extra-Terrestrial Affair

You thought having a mistress in South America was rough? Try managing the PR Nightmare of being caught with an Alien mistress. That's exactly the problem that British City Council Member Simon Parks is currently running into. That is not the least of it though. Not only has he admitted to having an affair with an alien life form, but he shares a child with a being he refers to as the “Cat Queen”.

The child in question is named Zarka, and you can say that his terrestrial wife isn't all that happy about the situation. However, trouper that she is, she deals with it, because it is not a “human level”.

Sounds complicated. Above is a clip from the TV documentary in which Simon admits to the indiscretion.


  1. Akash

    Lol. Child with alien mistress is quite hilarious.

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