The M.O.: Submissions are Open for the Next Two Weeks!

The M.O. submissions mailbox is open!

That's themostories – aT- gmail (plus dot and com). We're seeking short, original crime stories of 1000-1500 words around the loose theme of “Long Gone.” In another two weeks, we'll put up a selected shortlist of Long Gone finalists in the Rogues' Gallery and in our newsletter. We'll ask registered site members to read samples from each, then vote on which story they'd like to read here in its entirety. After we pay for it, of course, the final selection will be posted to read free both online and in downloadable formats.

We'll have the mailbox open for 2 weeks, so don't worry if you haven't begun a story yet. If you write just 72 words a day—less than the word count of the previous paragraph—you'll have one written from scratch by midnight of March 6th!

Entries should be submitted as e-mail attachments in any standard, not-too-fancy document format with author name (and pseudonym, if applicable), story title, and an e-mail contact within the document itself.

You will receive an automatic reply to let you know your submission was received. If you don't, please check your spam folder and make sure to add our address to your list of approved senders. (If you try again, and still don't get confirmation, please use our Contact Us page, but only for technical problems. No other questions related to The M.O. will be answered there.)

For all the details, please check The M.O. Submission Guidelines here. We're so excited about this ongoing program to promote and share short crime stories. We can't wait to read what you have to say about it!


  1. Tricia Guest

    I must be missing this. Where is July 24’s theme?

  2. Clare 2e

    Sorry for the confusion. The dates for the [url=]submission guidelines[/url] have been updated- a new theme will be announced on July 31st!

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