The Many Enemies of Eve Duncan

Eve Duncan has made a lot of enemies over the years. She’s faced the worst of the worst, including serial killers, terrorists, and now cartel leaders. We pulled out the case files and ranked the worst criminals she’s come up against. Did we miss your favorite dastardly foe?

8. Kevin Jelak

Blood Game

Jelak is a stone-cold killer. A member of a fourteenth-century Italian cult, he believed he was working toward his resurrection via Eve. He taunted Eve every chance he got, starting with a goblet full of blood in her own fridge. No thanks.

7. Jack Millet and Alan Roland

Eight Days to Live Hadar’s Cult

These two and their fellow cult members were just as creepy as Jelak, but we give them the higher spot because they took it a step further when they nailed Jane’s friend to a crucifix on her own door. Talk about sending a message.

6. Sergei Rakovac

Chasing the Night

Even though the kidnapping of Luke occurred nine years before Chasing the Night, Rakovac makes our list. After stealing a two-year-old from his single mother, he was hard at work training Luke to be a deadly weapon he could then use against Catherine Ling, Luke’s own mother. And you thought you and your mom didn’t get along…

5. Jim Doane

Taking Eve, Hunting Eve, and Silencing Eve

Where should we start? How about kidnapping Eve, then using her as bait to lure out her (unknown) father in order to avenge his evil son’s death, and then injuring said father and a whole bunch of people along the way? And, of course, let’s not forget forcing Eve to reconstruct his dead serial killer son’s skull and having it watch over her whenever he left the room.

4. Harriet Relling

Silencing Eve

Yes, Jim Doane took Eve from her home and tore her from her loved ones. But we would be remiss if we didn’t include Harriet, the other terrifying villain Eve and her family faced in Silencing Eve. Yes, she beat up Jane pretty good a few times, but the reason she’s so high on our list? Two words: Trevor and NOOOOOOOO.

3. Rick Avery and Nelda Avery

Sleep No More

Speaking of family issues—it takes a really horrible family to willingly lock their daughter/granddaughter in a mental institution and keep her drugged up so she can’t tell anyone what she knows. Let’s not forget when Beth inevitably escapes her prison and is on the run, her loving father and grandmother send a hitman after her.

2. James Walsh

Shadow Play

We knew Walsh was creepy from the first page. Then we find out he willingly broke a little girl’s (who loved playing piano!) fingers before he murdered her. And for the hat-trick, years later, he murders the caretaker of the surviving sister. Good riddance.

1. Alfredo Salazar

Shadow Play and Hide Away

Leads a drug cartel. Pays Walsh to kidnap and murder rival’s daughters. …and that was only the beginning. Read Hide Away to see what else this monster has in store for Eve, Cara, and their friends and family.

Hide Away by Iris Johansen is the 20th Eve Duncan novel:

World-famous forensic sculptor Eve Duncan has landed in a well-guarded hospital room in Carmel, California. But hidden danger looms for Eve, her beloved Joe Quinn, and Cara Delaney, the young girl they’ve both sworn to protect. With Cara’s enemies on the move, Eve has no choice but to flee the hospital—no matter what the doctors say. Her protective instincts in full gear, she decides that their best chance of survival is to get out of the country. She turns to her daughter, Jane MacGuire, for help.

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Iris Johansen is The New York Times bestselling author of Your Next Breath, The Perfect Witness, Live to See Tomorrow, Silencing Eve, Hunting Eve, Taking Eve, Sleep No More, What Doesn't Kill You, Bonnie, Quinn, Eve, Chasing The Night, Eight Days to Live, Blood Game, Deadlock, Dark Summer, Pandora's Daughter, Quicksand, Killer Dreams, On The Run, Countdown, and more. And with her son, Roy Johansen, she has coauthored The Naked Eye, Sight Unseen, Close Your Eyes, Shadow Zone, Storm Cycle, and Silent Thunder.

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