The Girl Trouble Cover . . . Vote Now!

The first volume of the Malfeasance Occasional will be out in December, but we’re already hard at work and we’re putting you to work, too! Below you will see five very different possible covers. We’d like your input on which you think we should use.

1 – Artwork by Brian Rau


2. Artwork by Jessie Ajluni


3. Artwork by T. Ancipink


4. Artwork by A. Non


5. Artwork by T. Ancipink
Artwork by T. Ancipink

The voting closes Sunday, September 23, at noon, so tell your friends and get them to vote for your favorite!


  1. J. Brosnan

    I’m stuck! Either #2 or #5 are great in a very different way. #1 is well done, but looks like Jessica Rabbit in bondage; #3 is sort of expected; #4 is more “Girl [u]IN[/u] Trouble”; #5 is tongue-in-cheek slick and says it all, while #2 has a great background and the woman looks like trouble.

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